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We offer two Direct Care models to engage with our practice.

DIRECT CARE WELLNESS MEMBERSHIP: For a reasonable annual fee, patients have a 24/7 direct connection with Dr. Grondziowski, unimpeded by office staff or answering services.  Patients will also benefit from additional benefits and cost savings.

FEE-FOR-SERVICE OPTION FOR NON-MEMBERS: Not every patient will find membership to be necessary.  Affordable scheduling fees are available for office, home, and telemedicine visits.

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Ask Me About Nail Fungus

Ask Me About Nail FungusOnychomycosis or nail fungus is not a topic most of us like to discuss, however, it is not a problem to be ignored.

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About My Practice

Dr. Peter Grondiowski

Dr. Peter Grondziowski

My practice is 100% consultative endocrinology.  I accept referrals from our physician colleagues, current patients, and self-referred individuals.

Since my focus is on education and preventive aspects of disease, I expect  my patients to maintain as much of an active role in their health as I intend to guide them to reach those goals.

I have been practicing in the south hills of Pittsburgh since 1994.  Read more

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Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. During normal office hours please call us at 412.319.7215 or use our online scheduling system (click button below) on PatientFusion.com to make an appointment. After hours, you can still request an appointment on PatientFusion.com.

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